Ladybugs - Mrs. Isensee
Students in Mrs. Isensee's Class are studying Ladybugs. She has ordered the ladybugs and their habitat.

Essential Questions:
What is a ladybug?
Why are ladybugs important?
How are they helpful?
What is a beetle?
Why is a ladybug a beetle?


ladybug adult.jpg


Background Knowledge:
Ladybugs have spots - Sam
Ladybugs can fly! - Elizabeth
Ladybugs are different colors - Will
They lay eggs - Danica
They can bite - Danny
They are related to beetles - Daelyn
A ladybug is an insect - Jason

New Learning:
Ladybugs have three body parts - Jason
That ladybugs can't fly unless it is 55 degrees or warmer - Austin
Larva can be purple - Kyle
Ladybugs can save crops - C-Jai
They have an exoskeleton - Gabriella
Ladybugs are beetles, because they have two pairs of wings - Morgan
Ladybugs have compound eyes - Daelyn
Ladybugs have hundreds of lenses on one eye - Shaunrell
Ladybugs can fly 30 mph - Gabriella
The ladybugs life cycle has 4 stages (Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult) - Will
Um ladybugs can eat up to 100 aphids a day - C-Jai
Um Ladybugs can flap their wings 90 times per second Danica
You can also call a ladybug a ladybird beetle - Daelyn
Ladybugs aren't just ladies, they can be males - Sam
The outer wings are called elytra wings, they protect the inner wings - Sam
The inner wings are used for flying - Sam
Ladybugs have antennas for taste, touch and smell - Everyone
Ladybugs are actually not a bug because they have a jaw like mouth instead of a straw mouth - Mrs. Isensee
A larva can eat 400 aphids before it is three weeks old - C-Jai
Ladybugs play dead when they are attacked to defend themselves - Jason
Ladybugs excrete a stinky-sticky liquid that makes attackers go away - Danica
The ladybugs color tells predators that it is poisonous - Will / Sam
Ladybugs larva molts, sheds its skin - Elizabeth
Ladybugs can only shed their skin when they are a larva - Jason
Ladybugs hibernate in big groups in the winter - Shaunrell
They can be a bunch of different colors (red, pink yellow, white. brown, grey, blue, green, orange, black) - Daelyn
Ladybugs can sleep under rocks or in houses during the winter months - Sam

What we still wonder:

How can you tell if it is a type of ladybug that will bite?