Butterflies - Mrs. Theiler / Mrs. Leach
Students in Mrs. Theiler and Mrs. Leach's Class are studying Butterflies. They have ordered the Butterflies and their butterfly habitat. Take a look below at their inquiry study!





Background Knowledge:
Caterpillars make changes - Elandra
Caterpillars spin cocoons - Creeden
Caterpillars turn into butterflies - Monica
Butterflies have wings - Aeris
Butterflies live on plants - Gabe


New Learning:
They drink nectar - Mateo
They have a proboscis - Gabe
Caterpillars have 6 legs - Monica
Turning into a butterfly is called metamorphosis - Rhett
Butterflies dots on their wings scare away birds - Adam
Caterpillars change in 21 days - Jhoana
Some butterflies eat milkweed - Gabe
Some butterflies lay their eggs in milkweed - Katie
They can spin silk - Jamie
Caterpillars have 12 legs - Elandra
Milkweed is poisonous - Noah
Monarchs eat milkweed - Monica
Butterflies travel far, up to 2,000 miles - Gabe
Butterflies hatch from cocoons - Anthony
Caterpillars shed its skin, they call that molting - Aaron
Caterpillars eat all night and all day - Anthony
Butterflies mostly hatch out of their cocoon at night - Elandra
Butterflies migrate to warmer places when it gets to cold - Rhett
Pupas shake their cocoon to scare predators - Katie
Butterflies molt 5 times - Liam
Caterpillars scare predators away by their colors -
Caterpillars hide from predators with camouflage - Aaron
There are different types of butterflies - Corey
The Viceroy looks like the Monarch and acts like it is poisonous - Dylan
When butterflies first come out of their cocoons their feet are wet - Molly
Um the antenna can feel and smell - Gabe
Butterflies have antenna - Everyone
Butterflies have three body parts (Head, thorax, abdomen) - Erin
Caterpillars have spikes - Gabe
Monarch males have two white spots on their bottom wings and females do not - Elandra
Caterpillars eat their egg shell - Corey
The green and black butterfly has the widest wing span - Creedan


What we still wonder:
Why don't caterpillars have antenna?
Do all caterpillars have spikes?
Why don't caterpillars have 3 different segments?
Why do caterpillars have 12 legs and not just 6?
I wonder what the spots on the cocoon mean?
I wonder if the pupas shaking scares away birds?
How do butterflies get out of the cocoon?
Why do they eat their egg shell?