Butterflies - Mrs. Gosch
Students in Mrs. Gosch's Class are studying Butterflies. She has ordered the Butterflies and their butterfly habitat.





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Background Knowledge:
When they are caterpillars they turn into cocoons - Noah
Some have black spots - Attris
Butterflies have four parts in their life cycle - Ryan
There is a monarch butterfly -
Butterflies drink nectar - Gabby
When a monarch lays an egg it dies - Noah/Emma
Butterflies have black antenna - Natalie
Butterflies have different colored wings - Everyone
Butterflies have long tongues - Grace
Butterflies and moths look the same - Ryan

New Learning:
They fly to California - Ele
When a monarch butterfly lays an egg it dies - Natalia
It has a twisted up straw in its mouth (Proboscis) - Addison
Caterpillars have 16 legs, but when they are adults they lose 10 prolegs and they just have 6 - Ceci
Butterflies can get stuck in webs. Spiders are predators of butterflies - Gabby Gab
Caterpillars are called larva - Christian
Many butterflies do not taste good to most predators - Mitchell
Moths and butterflies are cousins - Amelia
They travel by day and not at night - Ele
Caterpillars can turn into a pupa and then a butterfly - Attris
Butterflies can fly as far as 2,000-3,000 miles - Natalie
Monarchs fly to Mexico - Ceci
Some butterflies drink nectar, milkweed, tree sap and some eat dung - Class
Cars, praying mantis, oriels, fire ants, and spiders are predators to butterflies - Everyone
Butterflies have scales - Gabby
There are 800,000 different kinds of insects - Grace
Butterflies drink nectar to get energy - Me
Butterflies have "eyes" on their wings to scare other predators - Amelia
Butterflies have 6 pairs of eyes(12 eyes) - Emma
Butterflies can not see well - Emma
Butterflies have a thorax, head, and abdomen - Grace
They have an exoskeleton - Gabby
When they get to big for their own skin they shed their exoskeleton, they do this 3-4 times -
Amelia, Christian, and Ceci
Butterflies have antenna - Everyone
Caterpillars use webs to hang their chrysalis - Grace
Butterflies have four wings - Grace
Butterflies and all insects are symmetrical - Gabby

What We Still Wonder:
Do butterflies do the same thing each day? - Emma
Where and when do they sleep?
How are butterflies different from moths?
Are they harmful or helpful? - Natalia
How do butterflies stay dry when it rains?