Butterflies - Ms. Cawley & Ms. Janicki
Students in Ms. Cawley and Ms. Janicki's Class are studying Butterflies. Their caterpillars have arrived and are eager to transform!




Background Knowledge:
Butterflies have to eat - Nathan
Butterflies fly - Jayzell
Butterflies pollunate like bees - Brandon


New Learning:

Caterpillars shred their skin - Dylan

When you let them go they fly, but they need their wings to be dry - Maddy
Caterpillars molt - Brady
Butterflies have a large straw tongue - Hannah
They drink from flower to flower so they can grow - Christian
Their straw like tongue is called a proboscis - Mia
Butterflies are symmetrical - Grace
Butterflies drink nectar - Jillian
Butterflies have 6 legs - Madison
Sometimes caterpillars don't hatch out of their chrysalis - Ashton
They start as eggs - Karter
Then they are caterpillars - Nathanyeal
They then turn into a chrysalis - Olivia
They then turn into butterfly - Brianna
The caterpillars go into the chrysalis first and then they turn into butterflies - Santi
I forgot - Alex
Butterflies have little scales on their wings - Morgan
Caterpillars have different colors on their wings - Aiden O.
They have spots on their wings to scare away predators, they think the spots are eyes - Kaylen S.
They have a head, thorax, and abdomen - Laney
Butterflies and moths are related - Ean
Moths come out at night and butterflies come out during the day - Ean
When butterflies are in their chrysalis they have red food, it is called meconium - Olivia
The butterflies drink the meconium - Aiden S.
Caterpillars have 12 legs - Dylan
Caterpillars scare predators with their spiky hair and their bright color - Grace / Brady
Butterflies have to dry their wings before they can fly - Jillian
Butterflies eat flowers - Maddy
Butterflies use their antennae to smell and feel for food - Kaylen
Some butterflies die after they lay their eggs - Donoven
Caterpillars make silk - Noah
Caterpillars need food to make their "J" - Dylan
Butterflies like to drink juice from fruit - Kaylen
Butterflies eat oranges - Madison
Butterflies can travel up to 2,000 miles - Brady
Some caterpillars die in the chrysalis - Mia
Butterflies travel to Mexico to stay warm when it gets cold - Ean
Butterflies like spring and summer - Aiden O.
Caterpillars shake in their chrysalis to scare off predators - Brianna
Caterpillars shake to get out of the chrysalis - C.J.


What we still wonder:
Why are butterflies symmetrical?
Why do birds and other animals like to eat butterflies?
What do butterflies to when they dry their wings?
Why do butterflies like it warm?
Why do butterflies have a life cycle?