Ants - Ms. Azzolina's Class

Students in Ms. Azzolina's Class are studying Ants. They ordered an Ant farm to observe the ants in their habitat. Students are learning about the parts of the ant and how they work together to survive. Through the inquiry process students will collaborate to gain new learning and answer our essential questions.

Essential Questions:
Why are insects important?
How are insects helpful to us?
How are insects harmful to us?
How to insects survive?





Background Knowledge:
They have different body parts - Jaydyn
They dig with their jaws - Luscio
They are insects - India
They eat dirt - Delylah
They live in a home - Alyssa
That they make big holes in the ground - Hunter
They can bite - Amirah
Ants can carry people's food away - Shaun
They use their jaws to dig holes - Shaun
They have six legs - Rachel
Their is a queen ant - Lauren
Fire ants sting - McKenzie
Ants can carry a lot of weight - Delylah


New Learning:
They can smell with their legs - Shaun
They have sticky legs to crawl on walls - Shaun
They have clawed feet to help them climb - Nicholas
The queen ants job is to lay the eggs - Amirah
They live mounds of dirt - India
They need to have a home or else they will die from the weather - Angelo
Um they can't see that good, they need to be really close to an object - India
Ants work together in groups, there are different groups within a colony - Ben
Ants have colonies - Ben
Other ants colonies don't work together - Amirah
They have jointed legs - Lauren
They have 3 pairs of jointed legs - Ms. Azzolina
They can hear with their legs - Shaun
The heart is located in their abdomen - Ivan
They have a head, thorax and abdomen - Owen
Ants have a stinger at the back of the abdomen - India
Ants work together to survive - Angelo
Petiole connects the thorax and abdomen and allows them to bend in tunnels - Ms. Azzolina
There are honey ants - Lauren
Ants share honey when they get it - Shaun
Some ants have a little hole on their abdomen - Hunter
There are more than 10,000 types of ants - Alyssa
They have antennae which is more than one antenna - McKenzie
If they damage their antennae they won't get along with their colony - Nicholas
They use their mandibles to dig - Lauren
They can dig huge tunnels - India
Ants have hair - Ivan


What we still wonder: