Students in Mrs. Theiler & Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Gosch, Ms. Azzolina, Mrs. Kargus, and Mrs. Isensee's class are studying Insects and have created this Wiki to discuss their new learning and their questions! Each class has ordered a different insect and plans on taking care of that insect as they grow. During this process students will activate their background knowledge on these insects and try to ask "thick" questions that will get them to understand their insects better. Check out their insects and projects below!

All pictures were taken by students or a teacher using a Bodelin Proscope Digital Microscope or a Nikon SLR with a Macro Lens.

Ants - Ms. Azzolina's Class
Butterflies - Mrs. Gosch's Class
Butterflies - Mrs. Theiler & Mrs. Leach's Class
Butterflies - Ms. Janicki & Ms. Cawley's Class
Ladybugs - Mrs. Isensee's Class
Mealworms - Mrs. Kargus' Class
Mystery Insect - Mrs. Isensee's Class