Ms. Sebastian and Mrs. Koehler's classes have been collaborating in small groups to research different animals. Each student was able to pick an animal they would like to learn more about and then they were paired up with other students who had similar animal interests. These groups worked together to find out new and interesting information on the animal of their choice.

When finished, groups were able to choose a way in which they would like to present their new learning. The choices were; poster, imovie, or a wiki. Below you will find pictures, videos, and websites that were all student with the purpose of sharing their new learning. We hope you enjoy!

The Great Kapok Tree

Jordan, Niko, and Riley Present: Gorillas


James, Kayla, Luciano, and Maddie M. Present: Red-Eyed Tree Frogs


Angelo and Andrew Present: The Sloth


Kendyl, Deisy, and Kelise Present: The Toucan


Logan, Kyzer, and Landyn Present: The Wood Frog

Deyanna, Brooklyn and Kye'Raell Present: Butterflies