We learned about the different biomes. Then the students chose a biome and researched their wonder questions and the essential question, how do our activities and the environment affect living things, to find the answers. They synthesized the information and created a technology project of their choice to share their information. Students collaborated in groups of 2 or 3 to create these projects.


The Desert Presented By: Skyler and Matthew

iMovie and Poster


The Desert Presented By: Collin and Riley

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rainforest - pichler.JPG

rainforest group.JPG

The Rainforest

Presented By: Emma, Jacob and Audrey

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Taiga Poster.JPG

Taiga group.JPG

The Taiga

Presented By: Anthony, Logan and Emily

iMovie and Poster

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The Water Biome

Written By: Alyssa Sanderson, Rena Cannon

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PDF Version

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The Rainforest

Written By: Natalie Musack, Aiden Smith, and Skylar

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rainforest glog.JPG

The Rainforest

Created By: Natalie, Aidan, and Skylar

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The Amazing Tundra

Written By: Seth Kibble, Taylor Luck, and Jason Pernich

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PDF Version

grasslands wiki.JPG

Wonders of the Grasslands

Wiki Website

Created By: Ashton, Hannah, and Brooklyn

Temperate Forest

Presented By: Maddy, Gabby, and Paige

iMovie and Poster


Presented By: Gavin and Chris

iMovie and Poster