Glogs!! Glogs!! Glogs!!

What is a Glog? Explore to Find out!

This year students in Mr. Adams 3rd grade classroom were learning space. They started the inquiry process by being emersed with space resources. (Videos, articles, books, and magazines) After and during this emserion process students started to generate their own questions about space. These questions were written down and shared with the class. After sharing they noticed that some of them had the same questions and others were interested in others questions.

Mr. Adams decided to break the students into groups based on the questions presented. Students were able to choose which question they wanted to try and solve.

Together they worked through resources on the web and in books to locate the answers to their "thick" questions. Collaboration was the key and each student had different jobs while looking for information.

When they finished finding their information, Mr. Adams students, wanted to do something different to present. They really wanted to create a poster, but they said a poster can only be viewed by kids in their classroom or in the hallways. They decided to make a Glog.

In making the glog the students had to collaborate once again to find resources, type their information and present their information to the class. They worked super hard and here is what they came up with! We hope you enjoy!

Click the Links Below to View the Student Created Glogs:

Here are some images of students presenting their Glogs to their classroom.