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Here at Wilson Elementary, students work on many projects that are focused around a main inquiry project. Students generate their own questions about topics/subjects and use multiple kinds of sources to answer their own question. During this process students use technology to organize and keep track of their new learning.

At the end of this process students get to "Go Public" with their new understanding of the topic and the answer to thier questions. To "Go Public" students have the choice of how they would like to present their information. The choices are different for each classroom and grade level but almost always include a technology method. (i.e. making a iMovie, Blog, Glog, Wiki, eBook, PowerPoint, Webquest, Recorded Song, etc)

The students are very proud of their work and this Wiki/Website is their way of sharing it with the world. We hope you enjoy our work!

Mr. Kelly
Wilson Elementary
Tech Integrator

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